• Waterproof development trend: polyurea waterproof era is coming!

    With the rapid development of polyurea materials and the discovery and application of excellent performance, and the light and simple equipment of spraying, the simplification of construction, the short video and short message and the promotion of headlines, polyurea tiktok will be the product of...
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  • Suggestions on the use of polyurea

    Polyurea is an elastomer formed by the reaction of isocyanate component and amino compound component. It is divided into pure polyurea and semi polyurea. Their properties are different. The most basic characteristics of polyurea are anti-corrosion, waterproof, wear resistance, etc., Because of th...
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  • What is good polyurea?

    Polyurea elastomer, a new green material developed to meet the requirements of environmental protection, integrates multiple functions and functions. Good physical and chemical properties and good thermal stability make polyurea elastomer in great demand in the market. As protection, polyurea is ...
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  • Waterproof doggerel: a pithy formula for waterproof engineering construction

    Construction Formula 1 Indoor waterproof shall be safe, and the base course shall be solid without falling bricks. Dust also has a great impact, delaying construction and poor quality. This sentence is about the requirements of indoor toilet waterproof for the grass-roots level. If the strength o...
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  • Comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages of waterproof membrane and waterproof coating

    Due to the difference of material composition and appearance between waterproof membrane and waterproof coating, the material characteristics, construction technology, applicable parts and application environment are different. Degao waterproof engineer made a comparison of the comprehensive perf...
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  • Selection of construction tools for waterproof coating

    All kinds of tools used in waterproof coating operation are important means of construction technology. The quality of tool selection and skillful usage are also important factors to improve construction technology. 1. Rubber brush. With thick root and thin head, it has a good rubber scraper, whi...
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  • Ten questions and ten answers of waterproof coating construction! Do you understand?

    First: as long as you brush three times, doesn’t the thickness matter? The waterproof coating should not only have the requirements on the number of times and the direction of cross brushing, but also the thickness of each time. Even if there is no leakage in the closed water test, it can n...
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  • Construction technology of polyurea waterproof coating

    Construction technology of polyurea waterproof coating

    1. Prepare waterproof coils, waterproof coatings, circular waterproof coating mixing barrels, measuring tools, scrapers, etc. 2. The waterproof coating must be proportioned according to the product instructions, (component A: 20kg; group B: 10kg), according to the ratio of A: B=2:1, and the appro...
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  • Polyurea waterproof coating is a high-performance waterproof material

    Polyurea waterproof coating is a high-performance waterproof material

    Polyurea waterproof coating is a high-performance waterproof material. It is a class of compounds formed by the reaction of isocyanate components and amino compounds. The isocyanate components can be monomers, polymers, isocyanate derivatives, prepolymers and semi-prepolymers. Polymers, which are...
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  • Basic Knowledge Of Polyurea Waterproof Coatings

    Basic Knowledge Of Polyurea Waterproof Coatings

    Polyurea is an extremely versatile compound, and has been used successfully for waterproofing tanks, parking garages, reservoirs, tunnels, and as a joint filler/caulk. The list of materials used as waterproof coatings through the ages is lengthy.  For centuries,...
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